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Recapture Your Memories

Video8/Hi8/Digital8/Beta cassettes, Mini DV Tapes & VHS/VHS-C Transfer

Preserve the old family movies for the future generations starting at $15/tape

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8mm & Super-8 Film Transfers

Transfer your 8mm and Super-8 film for just $2.40/min (~$0.16/foot)!

Now offering Frame-By-Frame Picture Correction for both 8mm/Super 8 Film.

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Slide, Negative & Positive Scanning

From just $0.59 per slide/negative/positive, have your priceless images brought back to life

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Photo Scanning

From just $0.45 a pictures, have your precious photographs backed up to CD for safe keeping

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Cassette Transfer

From just $10 per cassette, you can hear the music that you haven't heard in years with all the convenience of digital

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Record Transfer

Starting at $10 per record, restore your old vinyl LPs (33,45,78) to its former glory and preserve your music for future generations

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Photo Slideshows

The options are endless. We can put both slides and photos in a slideshow, even adding and integrating video clips from a tape. If you've got a vision, we'll do our utmost to bring it into a reality. We offer in-office custom video editing one-on-one with any client and can tailor a slideshow or video precisely to your preferences.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're not satisfied unless you're happy with our results!
If you're not 100% satisfied with our products, bring it back to us and we'll make it right for no extra charge.
If we can't satisfy you, we'll not only refund the charges for the part of the order you're not happy with, but 100% of the whole order!

About Us

Recapture Your Memories is run by Nigel Robertson. We specialize in taking the priceless treasures of your past and bringing them to life again using the latest in digital technology.


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