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Recapture Your Memories

8mm/Super 8 to DVD

Relive the moments of the past, today

Many of us have old family movies on 8mm and Super-8 going back as far as the 1930s when 8mm film was first introduced. Today, these films typically sit in a box, unwatched and slowly degrading and becoming brittle. Preserve these precious family videos now with our 8mm and Super-8 film transfer service!

Bring in your 8mm or Super-8 films to be transferred to DVD or converted to digital file as silent films. For no additional fee, you may supply audio tracks to go with the film.


Transferring 3" (50ft), 5" (200ft) and 7" (400ft) reels to DVD at $2.40/minute ($0.16/ft).

Film Transfer Prices
  Price per minute
To DVD $2.40
To Digital File
Perfect for sharing online or doing your own video editing! Files are provided in Quicktime H.264 (MP4) format.
Film Lengths
Reel Size Length (minutes) Length (ft) Average Cost to Digital File Average Cost to DVD
3" 3-4 50 $7.20 $7.20
5" 10-13 200 $31.20 $31.20
7" 25-30 400 $64.80 $64.80
These prices pertain to the full reel footage only. In the event a reel is not full (or the actual movie duration is considerably less), the price will be adjusted accordingly for the shorter film.

We charge on a "per-minute" basis. We find this makes pricing easier, especially when it comes to reels which are not full or damaged. On average, 15 feet of film is 1 minute, so our $2.40/minute pricing works out to $0.16/ft.

Prices include color contrast, picture sharpening and other digital enhancements.

We do not transfer the audio track on Super-8 with audio. Most Super-8 is silent, but in the event your film does have an audio track, it will not be transferred.

You may choose to have your films joined together as one long video on DVD, or each film can be a separate DVD.

We keep a copy of our client's videos archived on our servers. This way, in case of an emergency or if the videos are lost in the mail, the client is simply able to request another copy

Recapture Your Memories can also burn video DVD's in PAL format as well upon request. Have relatives in England or other parts of Europe and want to convert your videos to send to them? Bring them in and at no extra charge we can convert the video files to both PAL Digital File and DVD.

Now offering the transfer of your films to HD 1080p in Blu-ray disc Format.

Transferred at the same cost and no extra charge, but will take longer due to encoding the full resolution of HD 1080p. Additional Blu-ray disc copies will be $3.00/ea.

Up to 2.5 Hours of High-quality video can fit on a Blu-Ray DVD. A choice of music can also be added but must be supplied by the client.

NOTE: *This option of 8mm film to Blu-ray will be especially effective for those watching their old family films on a 42” screen or larger. With the option of your films to standard DVD format, the resolution is automatically re-sized to the native DVD resolution of 720 X 480, hence on a larger screen, the picture will appear to be far less crisp than if the video is in Blu-ray format in HD 1080p.

Order process

  1. Film reels should supplied in good condition. If you want your films on DVD or digital file in a particular order, please label the reels to indicate the order you want them placed in.
  2. Send us your order
  3. Receive your order back along with a DVD of your home movies!

Office: (250) 746-1019 (Apple Press)
Cell: (236) 594-0584 (Nigel Robertson)

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