Located in Central Duncan, Recapture Your Memories now operates as part of Apple Press
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Office: (250) 746-1019 (Apple Press)
Cell: (236) 594-0584 (Nigel Robertson)
Business is again open 7 days a week. Open weekends and also evenings upon call or text to Nigel Robertson at 236-594-0584.

Recapture Your Memories

8-Track Cassettes


Per Cassette: $18.00/ea

The same finalizing procedure is taken with 8-track cartridges as with Audio Cassette tapes.

Often due to the length thereof, 8-track Cassettes will be split onto two CD's, having programs 1 & 2 on one CD, 3 & 4 on another.

The client also has the option to have the audio files converted to any format at no extra charge.

Note: Cartridges submitted MUST be in good condition.

Office: (250) 746-1019 (Apple Press)
Cell: (236) 594-0584 (Nigel Robertson)

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