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Recapture Your Memories

Cassette to CD

Hear the sounds of your past

From the 70s through to the early 90s, the compact cassette was one of the most common formats for music.

For that period of time, and even today, there were many family home recordings made, mix tapes given and music tapes purchased. With the new generation of stereos and vehicles, most of them are removing the cassette option and moving to only CD. A few short years from now, the cassette tape will have gone the way of the 8-track and be just a memory for many of us.

By converting your cassette tapes to CD, you'll hear those old family memories and be able to relive the hits of your past.


From just $10 per cassette, you can have your cassettes converted to CD or MP3 format.

For no extra cost, the customer can choose to have their transferred cassette in either WAV or MP3 Format as well as the finalized Audio CD.

Length (min) Price
1st 30 minutes $10
each additional 30 minutes $5
Additional CD Copies: $2.00/ea


Is it legal to copy my music cassettes?
Yes, for Canadians, according to Section 80 of the Canadian Copyright Act.
If you're sending us orders from places other than Canada, it is your responsibility to ensure that the transfer does not constitute a copyright violation in your county.
What if my music doesn't fit on 1 CD? Do I get charged extra?
Each CD can hold up to approx 80 minutes of music. If you are over the 80 minutes, you will receive an additional CD. There is no extra charge for this aside from for the extra content length.


Back in the day, we all had that one cassette that either had a favorite song on it- or was the most precious cassette in the entire box- having been played over innumerable times without relent- and either finally deteriorating- or the tape snapped. Recapture Your Memories DOES offer careful cassette tape repair to even the most cherished of audio cassettes and understands the sentimentality. Even if the tape is snapped or there's another problem- bring the cassette tape along and we'll visit all options possible to retrieve the audio. (Depending on the condition and age of the cassette, we cannot always guarantee the audio's quality- but you can be assured our determination that we will not rest until the job is complete and the audio has been retrieved.

Our advantage

Why choose us over the other places that will digitize your cassettes?
A cassette tape is just a big long recording to a computer; we include free splitting of music tracks into the separate songs. When converting to MP3, we will include the metadata necessary for your music player to show the artist and song title if it is listed on the cassette. We also employ automated noise reduction to reduce the amount of background noise in the audio tracks.

We keep a copy of our client's cassettes archived on our servers. This way, in case of an emergency or if the tapes are lost in the mail, the client is simply able to request another copy

How we do it

When we receive your order, it is carefully catalogued in our system.
We then place your cassettes into our cassette player and record directly to our computer.
Once your cassette is in the computer, we eliminate the background noise and split your tracks into separate songs.

Office: (250) 746-1019 (Apple Press)
Cell: (236) 594-0584 (Nigel Robertson)

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