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Recapture Your Memories

VHS/VHS-C/Camcorder/MiniDV Cassettes to DVD and/or Digital File

See your history again on your TV

Most of us have stacks of old home movies that we haven't watched in years. Why? Usually people will tell you it takes too long to hook up the old video camera, find the right tape, rewind the tape back to the beginning, then somewhere in the movie fast forward through the 10 minutes of video where dad forgot to turn off the camera while walking along the sidewalk.

Bring us your home movies and we will convert your Video8/Hi8/Digital8, Mini DV or VHS/VHS-C cassettes onto DVD and/or Digital File. We will include chapter breaks every few minutes.

We also transfer all videos off Video Camcorders with internal (built-in) hard drives, the typical recording method of camcorders manufactured between 2006-2008. **We can also restore lost or deleted videos off these camcorders.**


Video Transfer Prices
  Price per hour of video
To DVD $15

Charges for movie conversion to DVD are based on content length. We include adding chapters at regular intervals as well as a customized DVD menu.

All prices include audio and video enhancement where necessary.

For the cost of $15.00/hr of video to either DVD or Digital file, the client is able to receive both a copy in DVD format of their videos as well as including the digital video files of their video tapes in either WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO format or QUICKTIME format for easy sharing with the family or custom video-editing. If the clients include an external hard drive for digital files with their order; this will ensure maximum quality of video.

Recapture Your Memories is not confined to offering the two formats of Windows Media Video and Quicktime, we can convert your video files to any format today upon your request.

We keep a copy of our client's videos archived on our servers. This way, in case of an emergency or if the videos are lost in the mail, the client is simply able to request another copy

Recapture Your Memories can also burn video DVD's in PAL format as well upon request. Have relatives in England or other parts of Europe and want to convert your videos to send to them? Bring them in and at no extra charge we can convert the video files to both PAL Digital File and DVD.

We are now able to offer up-conversion of standard resolution (including Standard Commercial DVD's, Camcorder Tapes and VHS Tapes) to Full HD 1080p and Blu-Ray disc. (This also goes for digital movie files in standard definition and a wide range of video formats.)
Cost to up-convert to HD 1080p:
$30.00 per hour of video if from a Video tape/Camcorder cassette.
$15.00 per hour of video if from digital video file/Standard DVD.
(NOTE: Due to the time it takes to encode the higher resolution, this process is unable to be done in a short time frame.)


It was always the way- there came the day where the VCR or the camcorder had the audacity to eat the tape while either recording or playback of the content. To make matters worse, it was not only the only copy available- it was forever confined to being stuck inside a dead camcorder or VCR- or the tape ended up being ripped somewhere in the middle or the beginning. Recapture Your Memories DOES offer video cassette tape repair on all video tapes. (In the event the tape is too fragile, we will make a referral- otherwise- you can be assured your videos will be copied from that broken tape. Both VHS Tapes, VHS-C Tapes and HI8/Video8/Digital8 tapes were fairly robust in their construction. Having fixed a number of both video and audio tapes in the past, bring them along and we'll be pleased to work on them!

Our advantage

Why choose us over the other places that will digitize your home movies?
Putting your movies onto DVD is one thing, but it is still very difficult to navigate so we add chapter breaks at regular intervals. We also include a professional DVD menu.

How we do it

When we receive your order, it is carefully catalogued in our system.
We then playback your tape using our high quality playback equipment and capture it to our editing station.
Once your movie is in the computer, we view portions of the video to ensure quality, trim the ends of the tape and add chapter breaks at the specified locations. We then create your customized DVD menu and burn it to DVD.

Office: (250) 746-1019 (Apple Press)
Cell: (236) 594-0584 (Nigel Robertson)

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