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Recapture Your Memories

Photo Scanning

Digitally archive your photographs

Do you have boxes of photos stored in shoe boxes tucked away in some dark corner of the basement? Or stuck in old photo albums?

Imagine losing all of those irreplaceable photos in the blink of an eye. What happens if a pipe bursts and your basement fills with water? You're going to end up with a huge mess of unrecognizable pictures!

Stored properly, a photo can last hundreds of years. But really, how many of us store our photos in temperature, light and humidity controlled environments? Stored improperly, your photos are fading and becoming cracked.

If you're like many families, you have boxes and albums full of pictures from family events from the past 10, 20, 50 or even 75 years! In today's society, these images represent our lives and will be the main way future generations can glimpse into their history.


From just $0.45 per picture, you can preserve and share the photos that previously sat unviewed for years.
Each price includes automated color/contrast corrections and manual rotation.

If your photos are labeled (people in the photos, place where it was taken), we will add these annotations to the final scans.

For any requested Photo Restoration beyond automated color/contrast/sharpening, a charge of $20/hour will apply.

NOTE: The JPEG Format will be the default format used in which to save your files. However, from previous requests, Recapture Your Memories ALSO can save the images in a variety of different file formats, such as TIFF, BMP and many others.

$25.00 flat rate for the first 50 photos, then:
DPI Price
600 $0.45
800 $0.49
1200 $0.54
2400/3200 $0.60
Dynamic $0.50
Prices are per picture

NOTE: The new ‘dynamic’ option available in photo scanning comes from slideshow preparation where there are all sizes of photos, from the classic 1” x 1” black/white wallet-sized photos to the 8” X 10” portraits. This option automatically applies to all Slideshow preparation. The reason being is this will ensure a vivid, crisp picture viewed on a large screen from even the very smallest, oldest, faded photo. For larger photos, these are scanned at a slightly lower resolution, for the much smaller photos, these are scanned at a very high resolution, so all finalized photos have a resolution of AT LEAST 4,000 pixels per side.


Whats a DPI?
DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. Its basically the amount of information stored in the picture. Think of it along the same lines as megapixels on your digital camera.
Which DPI is best for me?
Well, that depends on what you plan to do with you pictures.
For basic reprinting of your pictures as well as emailing, 300DPI is probably fine for your purposes.
If you plan on reprinting your pictures at a larger size than the originals, or if you want to be able to do a lot of editing, then 600 DPI is probably the way to go.
Do I have to take photos out of albums or can I just give you my albums?
Unfortunately, to be able to offer the low prices we do, all photos must be removed from albums for us to scan them.

Our advantage

Why choose us over the other places that will scan your photos?
We include free automated color/contast adjustment as well as manual rotation of each photo. A lot of other places will change extra for that.

How we do it

When we receive your order, it is carefully catalogued in our system.
Your order is then expertly processed and properly adjusted to give the best photo quality.

Office: (250) 746-1019 (Apple Press)
Cell: (236) 594-0584 (Nigel Robertson)

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