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Recapture Your Memories

Vinyl Record to CD

Hear the sounds of your past

For nearly 60 years, from the 1920s till the 1980s, vinyl records were the most common medium for hearing recorded music. Many recordings were made of a large variety of fantastic music. Many of these recordings were never released on cassette or CD and have not been heard for years.

By converting your vinyl records to CD or MP3, you can hear all the historic LPs you haven't heard in years with all the convenience of today's modern technology. Also you are helping preserve your vinyl for the future. Each time a record is played, as the stylus moves over the vinyl, it slowly degrades the quality of the sounds being produced. Although this process does take a lot of time, for popular music, converting to a non-destructive format will help preserve your music for future generations.
We can convert your 33, 45 and 78 RPM records.


For just $15 per record, have your vinyl converted to CD. We include automatic pop/hiss reduction as well as splitting of tracks into separate songs on your CD.

For no extra cost, the customer can choose to have their transferred vinyl Record in either WAV or MP3 Format as well as the finalized Audio CD.

Type Price
33 RPM 12" (~ 45min) $15
45 RPM 7" (~15min) $7
78 RPM 10" (~9min) $10
Other Size/Speeds Charge will be based on content length
Bring in 3 or more records and we'll take 12% off the final total of your order!


Is it legal to copy my records?
Yes, for Canadians, according to Section 80 of the Canadian Copyright Act.
If you're sending us orders from places other than Canada, it is your responsibility to ensure that the transfer does not constitute a copyright violation in your county.
Why does it cost more a shorter 78 RPM than a 48 RPM record?
78 RPM records require more work. All 33 and 45 RPM records are equalized to the RIAA standard. This means all modern turntable automatically apply the RIAA equalization to give you standardized sound balance (bass, treble). Back when 78 RPM records were popular, there was no equalization standard meaning each company had their own bass/trable balance applied to their albums. For your 78 RPM records to sound good, we must reverse the RIAA equalization and apply an appropriate equalization curve for your album's year and recording company. Also, due to their construction and age, 78rpm records have increased surface noise which require more post-processing to restore the audio to an acceptable level.
How do you transfer records?
All records are recorded at their standard respective speeds. This also includes 78 rpm with its specialized needle. After your record is in our editing station, the audio is tweaked, the bass/mid/treble is equalized as much as possible and the stereo effects (if the record was recorded in stereo) is enhanced to bring out the best possible reproduction of your record. Our process is the same as for transferring audio cassettes to digital file and CD.

Our advantage

Why choose us over the other places that will digitize your records?
A record is just a big long recording to a computer; we include free splitting of music tracks into the separate songs. When converting to MP3, we will include the metadata necessary for your music player to show the artist and song title if it is listed on the record or sleeve. We also employ automated noise/click reduction to reduce the amount of background noise and pops/clicks in the audio tracks.

We also remove the dust from your records before conversion to reduce extra noise as well as wear on the record.

How we do it

When we receive your order, it is carefully catalogued in our system.
We then take the time to remove the dust from your LP before playing it through our turntable.
Once your vinyl record is in the computer, we eliminate the background noise and split your tracks into separate songs.

Office: (250) 746-1019 (Apple Press)
Cell: (236) 594-0584 (Nigel Robertson)

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