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Recapture Your Memories

Slide, Negative & Positive Scanning

Bring your slides and negatives back

How many of us don't have a box of slides sitting in the attic which we haven't viewed in years since it is too much of a hassle to setup a screen and the projector. Then you end up with slides that are upside down or backwards and it all becomes a painful experience for everyone.

Now also transferring 35mm film negatives to a digital file. Perfect for those forgotten, faded or misplaced pictures from old developed film reels of several years ago or simply just to be able to have that one particular roll of film in digital format.

Now you bring back your long lost pictures and view them with all the convenience of digital!


From just $0.54 per slide/negative, you can restore the images that haven't been seen in years.
Each price includes automated color/contrast corrections, automatic removal of dust and scratches plus manual rotation.

We specialize in particularly restoring old, faded slides as well as photos.

DPI Price
3200 $0.54
4800 $0.59
7200/9600* $0.64

NOTE: Prices reflect scanning of all 35mm Slides, negatives and positive film. This also includes the classic 110 film negatives. An additional $ 0.20/ea applies to all formats larger than 35mm.

*Due to the number of requests for higher resolution, we are now also offering the option of scanning negatives/slides at 7200 dpi or 9600 dpi. Although a higher resolution, this option is mainly only necessary for artifacts or making 'poster-size' printouts of 35mm slides/negatives.
Both resolutions are the same price, but this option WILL take more time to complete. Please note that the end file sizes are extremely large- A scanned 35mm negative finalized, post-processed and scanned at 7200 dpi is around 80 MB in size and has a general resolution of 9950 X 6290. Minimum compression is used to preserve as much quality as possible, hence the larger file sizes.
When images are scanned at 7200/9600 dpi, ALL images will be scaled down from their original high resolution to a MAXIMUM of 10,500 pixels per side unless otherwise requested on submitting the order. This is due to previous orders where an image is unable to be opened due to the size of the image and the amount of system resources of the computer. This slightly lower resolution will ensure usability on any computer with any amount of system memory and yet will STILL give a crisp print-out of an 8 X 10 photo or larger. A slide/negative at 7200 dpi can have a maximum resolution of 15,000 pixels per side, 9600 dpi will increase to 20,000 pixels per side. Editing 'raw' (unchanged and uncompressed) scanned images at 7200/9600 dpi will put an EXTREMELY high demand on your computer's system memory and processor. For any further questions or comments, we're here to help in any way!


Whats a DPI?
DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. Its basically the amount of information stored in the picture. Think of it along the same lines as megapixels on your digital camera.
Which DPI is best for me?
Well, that depends on what you plan to do with you pictures.
For basic reprinting of your slides at 4x6 or 5x7 size, as well as emailing, 3200 DPI is probably fine for your purposes.
If you plan on reprinting your pictures at a larger size, or do a lot of editing, then 4800 DPI is probably the way to go.
For archival purposes or huge prints, we also offer 7200 and 9600 DPI.

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is automatically added to all photos/slides in slideshows. A minimum of $40.00 applies, but the considerable difference will be seen in the end results as much time and care is spent manually editing each single photo to bring the best back from the photos, whether they may be damaged by color-blurring over the years (either going all red, green or blue or the color has faded completely). Other corrections include photos that are badly faded and/or yellowed or if a photo has received stains or cracks over the years.

Free automated color/contrast/sharpening of pictures

Why choose us over the other places that will scan your slides?
We include free automated color/contrast adjustment, dust/scratch removal, as well as manual rotation of each photo. A lot of other places will charge extra for that.
We will also place your scanned slides/negatives in custom folders if you package your order according to our packaging guidelines.
As each of our processes are completely supervised and the majority thereof is done manually, any labels/annotations printed on the individual slides in years past will also be labeled accordingly to the finished scanned products.
Although ALL slides/negatives in a customer's order are scanned and completed, it is our policy that we WILL NOT charge the customer for any slides that we personally feel are severely deteriorated from time or years past. This includes blurred pictures where the objects/people are not quite discernible, faded slides, etc.

Office: (250) 746-1019 (Apple Press)
Cell: (236) 594-0584 (Nigel Robertson)

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